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How to build an online store in less than 1 hour

Growing trends and some circumstances arising due to pandemic have diverted vendors and retailers toward options that’s easily accessible and manageable i.e., to create ecommerce website . One of the options include online stores offering customers home delivery. This is how people have minimized their contact and chances of inducing viral infections.

As the opportunity arises there are some difficulties attached to it. Online merchandising is attractive to listen and work but when it comes to establishing and developing we have got some annoying times.

But don’t worry, if there are problems, there are solutions too, lets discuss it in stepwise approach that how we can build an online ecommerce store in minimum of time and almost without any expertise.

What we need for an ecommerce website with WordPress?
Here is small list of things that we need to plan before starting an online store/ website with WordPress.

What products do you want display?
Search out, have market survey about your offered products
Target audience
Now, choose a name of your store/brand. It will ease out our selection of domain name.
Hosting service
You can also refer to our compared hosting providers. Here is list of three different choices for you.

Cloudways: There are many hosting providers but we recommend you the growing and new trends. Cloudways is cloud base hosting providers with benefits. You can make your choices with cloudways and will pay what you utilize.
Green Geeks: As the name suggests, its based on Green concept i.e., no carbon emissions. You can find offers on domains and different other services required to you. It’s kind of cheap option for your online ecommerce store, yet reliable.
Interserver: One of the biggest registrar and big company with multiple products and services in offer. Interserver also offer domains and other packages. You can decide according to your needs.
Above followings make it easy for you to design a beautiful layout of your ecommerce store. After that next step is installation of software.

Installation of WordPress
First of all install WordPress (free content management system and its own operating system too 🙂 )

Most of the good hosting services offer now one click installation of the WordPress, to provide their users a hassle free experience of enjoyable journey. Word press is free and open source. It is tamable, we can make any kind of beautiful website with it including; portfolio, blog, plant hop, electric scooter, perfume shop, green nursery plant shop and many more.

As the installation of WordPress completed successfully, then we need to install a theme. Here we will recommend “Astra” theme. Selection of theme is very important as it the core of your ecommerce store in terms of performance and security.

Astra theme-for WooCommerce

Astra Theme screenshotGood coded theme can provide you both with extra advantage of good google search ranking. As, customers are happy with user interface they will spend more time on your site and google likes it and ranks you higher than your competitors.

Astra has some free ready to use ecommerce websites. You just have to import the required website. Replace the content in it and boom… you are ready to start an ecommerce website. Astra offers free themes in limited but when we purchase its pro licenses, we are open to choices and almost everybody’s need is met.

Some of free starter theme options include;

Plant Shop (free template)
Electric Scooter
Inessa Perfume
eGrow Plants
Here are some of beautiful looks that “Astra” free starter theme provides along with faster and reliable UI. It must be auto convertible to user from mobile, desktop and tablets to give equal and good user experience

Astra Perfume Shop
Astra Perfume Shop
If you want to learn in detail about “Astra” and its installation with an alternate method please refer to this guide.

Astra theme is compatible with page builders and have good integration with commonly used plugins. These include;

Elementor page builder
Learn Dash
Installation of Necessary Plugins

Jet pack to get free basic security, statistics, and monitoring for your store
Yoast SEO
Plugins necessary for smooth working of theme
When finished with setting up theme and plugins.

Shipping details
Its time to add your shipping details according to your destination and shipping locations. Shipping cost will depend on your product weight and dimensions. You can offer free shipping for everyone or to some slab purchase amounts. This will reduce the cost of your promotions.

Taxes are important part of costing. You can add taxes in product prices or add taxes to the cart price. This is up to your business model as WooCommerce tax tab will provide you enough options to configure tax amounts.

Set currency
Here, you can also set currency of your choice. If you are planning to a multicurrency website you add certain plugins for that.

Payment methods
Payment methods integration is the core of whole project. This again will depend on your choice and customer ease. WooCommerce has many built in options to offer for payment gate ways including Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Cash on delivery, etc.

If you are unable to find payment method of your choice you can add it through its available plugin or you can contact that company for assistance. They will help you to integrate the required payment system.

WooComerce Setting
All of the above information can be found on the left hand side of your screen in plugins sections. There, you will find WooCommerce plugin. Here you can go to,

WooCommerce -> Settings

Under this tab you will configure all the information we have discussed above.

Adding new products

Similarly, for adding new products you will take the route as

WooCommerce -> Products -> Add New

In this way you can start your free WordPress online ecommerce store and start selling without any installation costs. You can do it with one hour or you can take help from someone expert in the field. If you are still wandering or want to learn in depth about the topic that how to build ecommerce website. If you still feel you need assistance, you can ask questions here or send me an email I will guide you and assist you to create ecommerce website.

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